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Use and maintenance of explosion-proof electrical products:

Datetime: 2018-11-07 15:02:41

Use and maintenance of explosion-proof electrical products:

1. Before using explosion-proof electrical products, first read the product manual carefully, check the technical parameters of the product nameplate, explosion-proof type, category, grade, group; anti-corrosion grade, protection grade;

2. Explosion-proof electrical products cannot be opened with electricity during use;

3. It is necessary to connect the internal and external grounding of explosion-proof electrical products;

4. The sealing ring must be pressed to make the cable and the sealing ring have a good sealing effect;

5. Whether the product is hanging or wall hanging, etc., it is necessary to select bolts with sufficient mechanical strength;

6. When the product is being repaired, do not bump or scratch the explosion-proof surface, and keep the gap of the explosion-proof surface when closing the cover;

7. The product must be coated with 204-1 replacement rust preventive oil before repairing the cover.

8. If you find that the parts are damaged, contact the manufacturer immediately and change them. Do not use them at will.
In the daily maintenance and repair of explosion-proof luminaire products, the following points should be noted:
1. The power must be turned off before opening the cover. The surface temperature is still high after the lamp is turned off. Do not open the lamp cover immediately to avoid dangerous accidents.

2. When replacing the bulb (tube) with the explosion-proof luminaire, the explosion-proof joint surface of the explosion-proof lamp should be properly protected and must not be damaged; the cleaned explosion-proof surface should be coated with 204-1 replacement rust-proof oil.

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3. Portable luminaires should be made of high-quality rubber cables from explosion-proof junction boxes (boxes) or explosion-proof pins to luminaires. The grounding or connection core should be in the same sheath; the minimum allowable cross-section of the main core should be 25mm2. Rubber cable.

In short, the explosion-proof electrical products should be checked before the installation. Check whether the nameplate and the product manual are the same: explosion-proof type, category, grade, group; protection grade of the casing; installation method and fastener requirements for installation. The installation should be firm and reliable, the fastening bolts should not be replaced arbitrarily, and the spring washers should be complete. The sealing ring for dustproof and waterproof should be placed as it is when it is installed. At the cable entry point, the cable and the sealing gasket should be closely matched. The section of the cable should be round, and the surface of the sheath should not have defects such as bumps. The excess inlet port shall be sealed according to the type of explosion-proof, and the compression nut shall be tightened to seal the inlet port.