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Tips for using strong light explosion-proof flashlight

Datetime: 2020-08-05 09:35:27

Related electrical equipment to be used at work sites such as explosive places must meet explosion-proof performance,such as coal mines, fuel oil, petrochemical enterprises, electric power, fire fighting, metallurgy, gas, flammable and explosive places.

There are tips for using strong light explosion-proof flashlights.

Generally, press the lamp head switch once lightly to start the strong light, press the second time to turn on the weak light, and press the third time to turn off. And hold the switch for about 2 seconds to enter the strobe.

There are tips for testing the flashlight battery.

Keep pressing the switch for about 10 seconds. If the light flashes 2 times or less, it means that the light needs to be charged before it can be used normally. If the light flashes 3 times, it means half full power.

A fully charged strong light explosion-proof flashlight can be used and charged during use.If the flashlight is not used for more than half a year, it should be recharged every three months, and the battery will self-discharge.

When the battery power of the strong light explosion-proof flashlight is about to be exhausted, the brightness of the flashlight will be reduced sharply and flashing prompts. At this time, stop using it and charge it in a safe place or replace it with a spare battery.