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Tips for Charging LED Flashlight

Datetime: 2020-10-12 17:55:06

First,when charging the LED flashlight, according to the charging speed of the charger, when the color of the indicator light changes, remove the battery immediately, do not overcharge.The charging time should not exceed 3-5 hours.

Second,remove the battery from the charger after charging.

Third,when choosing a charger, use a charger that prevents overcharging.

Fourth,when in use, use the battery according to the voltage requirements of the flashlight, and do not use it indiscriminately to prevent the flashlight from burning out.when the brightness of the torch changes significantly, the torch should be closed to avoid over-discharge.

Fifth,during the use of the flashlight, it is necessary to ensure normal heat dissipation. Holding it by hand is the best method. It is recommended to hold the flashlight in time according to the heating status of the preferred flashlight to facilitate heat dissipation.

At last,when using the LED flashlight, it is recommended to close it for 2-3 minutes after every 30 minutes in order to dissipate heat. In addition,pay attention to the waterproof, moisture-proof and drop-proof of the battery.

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