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Three factors affecting the price of LED high bay lights

Datetime: 2021-07-02 13:49:45

There are many three factors that affect the price of LED high bay lights. When customers inquire about LED lamps in foreign trade, the quality and the actual effect of environmental protection and energy saving are the problems that they are more concerned about. LED high bay lights are not exceptions! However, in the whole process of communication, after reaching a certain consensus, it coincides with the discussion on the price of LED high bay lights. Then, what parts do the price of LED high bay lights affect? ?

Although the purchase cost can be saved in the early stage of purchase, low-cost LED high bay lights can be selected. However, it didn\'t take long for this type of high bay lamp to be used, and various problems would appear, and the maintenance cost was greatly increased (is this what you want?).

1. Radiating shell

As everyone knows, heat dissipation is another prerequisite for high-quality LED high bay lights. Good materials for heat dissipation shells can immediately dissipate the heat of the LED chip and prevent the LED chip from being hot for a long time and causing premature decline. Low-priced LED high bay lights, although the specifications and models look mid-to-high-end, but in fact reduce the cost on the heat dissipation shell, such as the thickness of the shell becomes soft, or the length of the radiator developed at the back of the LED high bay light is shortened, etc. . The early application of this type of LED high bay light may not be easy to cause any problems, but after a year, or even a short time, the heat sink will greatly reduce the heat dissipation efficiency due to dust accumulation, aging, etc., and the LED chip will quickly age or Burn.

2. LED chip

Some low-priced LED high bay lights use some unreliable packaging LED chips, which are very easy to have insufficient power, and are very easy to produce mildew, poor heat dissipation characteristics, and thus insufficient chromaticity of the whole lamp, and chip glue is very easy to crack. Chips age faster and so on. Obviously, the service life of manufactured lamps is greatly affected. It also endangers the physical and mental health of the eyes! The domestic packaged LED lamp chips are booming, resulting in uneven quality of LED chips. A good LED chip means that it has excellent heat dissipation, ample sun exposure lumens, and high-tech packaging, so the chip can reduce the rate of aging during long-term work.

3. LED power supply

High-quality LED high bay lights require high-quality switching power supplies to provide constant current power supplies for the voltage regulator tube and resist corrosion. Generally, the cheaper LED high bay lamps on the market currently use low-quality switching power supplies. Needless to say, it is a link. This type of switching power supply is also very easy to cause unstable chip brightness and fast light loss. Within a year or even in a shorter period of time, the compressive strength alone will be greatly reduced, and there may even be risk conditions such as fire accidents or even explosion accidents.

Work experience tells everyone that when choosing LED high bay lights, you should not be optimistic about the price and neglect the quality, and choose the more fake and inferior LED high bay lights. If the customers with high requirements for LED high bay lights are correct, remember that they must first start the comparison from the LED high bay light chip, switching power supply, and heat dissipation shell. The application of LED high bay lights involves not only the service life, maintenance costs, but also Application security, so be careful!