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The working principle of explosion-proof lights

Datetime: 2021-04-10 10:28:09

Explosion-proof lamp manufacturers introduce to you, the working principle of explosion-proof lights and the content of identifying whether led explosion-proof lights are explosion-proof. I believe that many people know our explosion-proof lights are familiar with them, and many places have used our explosion-proof lights. For lights, do you know the working principle of explosion-proof lights and identify whether the led explosion-proof lights are explosion-proof? These two points are the basic understanding of explosion-proof lights, do you want to know it?


The working principle of the explosion-proof lamp is the same as that of the gas discharge explosion-proof lamp. The difference is that explosion-proof lights are more energy-efficient and safer. Explosion-proof lamps are usually explosion-proof, but are intrinsically safe. As long as it is input into the explosion-proof power supply box, the output of the power supply is DC35V voltage, and generally no electric spark is generated at all. The maximum temperature of the chip can only reach more than 200 degrees, and the combustible gas is generally not detonated. Therefore, it is an intrinsically safe explosion-proof lamp.

How to identify whether the led explosion-proof lamp is explosion-proof?

With the rapid development of society, people\'s requirements for safety awareness are gradually increasing, and some counterfeit and inferior products in the society are also increasing. From the perspective of explosion-proof lights, how do we know whether the product is explosion-proof? In short, an explosion-proof lamp is a product that has passed a qualified third-party explosion-proof certification and has an explosion-proof certification. You can check the nameplate with the explosion-proof mark, ask the manufacturer for the explosion-proof certificate, and then go to the issuing authority to check the authenticity of the explosion-proof certificate.