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The top 10 issues mining companies will face in the coming year

Datetime: 2016-08-05 14:53:03

The top 10 issues mining companies will face in the coming year

According to report of Australia Magazine Deloitte’s annual report, the top 10

issues mining companies in Australia will face in the coming year are as below:

1 Going lean – Operational excellence remains front and centre

2 Innovation: the next generation – Preparing for exponential change

3 China’s painful transition – Looking for the silver lining

4 Adjusting to the new normal – What goes down must come up

5 The shifting global energy mix – Preparing for inevitable change

6 Engagement party – Changing the nature of stakeholder dialogues

7 The capital crisis – Starved of finance, miners struggle to survive

8 A taxing time for miners – A global tax reset challenges yesterday’s tax management

9 The M&A paradox – To buy or not to buy; that is the question

10 Safe, secure and healthy – An expanded view of corporate and personal welfare.

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