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The model of the explosion-proof lamp

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-21 14:23:49

The explosion-proof lamp model is actually a lot, we may not understand, LED explosion-proof lamps according to different environments and needs, color temperature, and power is a requirement. Manufacturers, markets, customer retention, customer loyalty and the necessity to produce quality products, not only better models to be completed.
Explosion-proof lamp manufacturers appear in stainless steel after this material we admit. Through experiments, the stainless steel explosion-proof lamp, practice, its strength and toughness can be guaranteed, as well as its corrosion-resistant, non-corrosive environment.

This stainless steel profile, explosion-proof lamp is used in many places because of its excellent performance, and even some of the industry has completely replaced the traditional explosion-proof lamp. It can also be used alone, but it can also be used as an accessory. Some advantages are not compared to conventional explosion-proof lamps.


All 304 stainless steel, corrosion surface treatment of aluminum by a special high technology housing with metal parts may apply the sea for a long time, alkali, hydrogen sulfide corrosion.
1. Fully superconducting aluminum radiator design, suitable for high temperature and high humidity environment for a long time; upper and lower ventilation wing structure, no dust.
2, a variety of light distribution and installation, and the same shape, store and beautiful image, device platform issues are effective.
3, photoelectric integration, no black spots, no ghosting, lighting efficiency is as high as 100lm / W, more than 60% of metal halide lamps.
4, AC-DC general power factor reaches 0.99
5, fast, on-site without welding to replace the light source is achievable.
6, side-standing, enhanced safety wiring compartment, safe, easy to install and maintain.
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