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The function of LED warning light

Datetime: 2020-07-07 08:19:06

Nowadays, LED lamp has become a lamp used commonly by people. It not only has brighter than ordinary bulbs, but also it is more energy-saving and more environmentally friendly than ordinary bulbs with low cost and longer service life.

The selection items of light-emitting mode are constant light, flashing, burst flashing, normal and blinking.The mounting bases are L rod, straight rod, folding and barrel type.

 The role of LED warning lights in different scenarios.

1. Construction unit

Warning lights should be lit during road construction, especially at night when the road conditions are unknown, it is easy to cause some accidents and will cause traffic jams, so it is necessary and necessary to act as a warning.

2. Car driving on the road

It is very common for some problems to occur occasionally during long-term driving. In the case of having to park on the road, in order to ensure safety, the driver need to place hazard warning lights near the vehicle.The warning light with good performance can expand the visible range of the hazard warning model and allow other driver groups to see the prompt more clearly. So try to use warning lights with good performance.

3. Security guards and police stations patrolling

When there are lawbreakers who want to commit illegal activities, they will be prevented from acting illegally due to the impact. People who have been injured can seek help in a timely manner, which will act as a warning and restraint for the lawbreakers to a greater extent, control and reduce crimes effectively and maintain social security.

4. people who like to travel by bicycle

If you want to make it easier on the way, or if the tire is flat, you will have to stop the car. At this time, it is very dangerous to park in a curve. It may cause traffic accidents. So the convenient LED warning light plays a key role. Moreover, it is not only a roadside warning, but can also be used as a lock when necessary.