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The advantages of portable explosion proof lighting

Datetime: 2020-09-03 09:25:47

The portable explosion-proof lighting plays an important role in industry.The following are the advantage of portable explosion proof lighting.

First of all,it is safe and explosion-proof. It can be used safely in flammable and explosive places.

 Secondly,it is flexible and convenient to use. Rotary switch and working light can be switched at will. In addition to carrying it, it also can be worn with a leather backpack.

 Thirdly,it is waterproof and anti-fall.It is highly energy-efficient.It has long service life, strong vibration resistance and soft concentrating light. The battery of portable explosion-proof lighting adopts a special super-capacity battery pack.It is no memory.It has long cycle life.

There is intelligent over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, environmental protection and pollution-free.

Fourthly,It is Intelligent charging.It has high reliability with overcharge protection, short circuit protection, trickle charging and charging status indication.

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