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The Reasons Why The LED LED Cap Lamp Is Getting Darker

Datetime: 2020-11-21 09:03:47

It is a very common phenomenon that LED cap lamp becomes darker as they are used. The following are the reasons for the dimming of LED cap lamp.

First, light decay causes the LED cap lamp to become darker.The brightness of the luminous body is getting lower and lower,and all LED lamps can not avoid the light decay, but its light decay speed is relatively slow.

But it does not rule out low-quality LED cap lamp, poor-quality light bead plates, or faster LED decay speed due to poor heat dissipation.

Second, the lamp bead is broken. The LED chip is made up of lamp beads one by one, if one or part of them is not bright, it will make the whole lamp dim.

Third,the drive is damaged.The internal part of the driver is more complicated, any device failure may cause the output voltage to change, and then cause the lamp to dim.

Driver damage is the most common type of failure in LED lamps, and it usually can be resolved after replacing the driver.

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