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Some questions about the explosion-proof emergency light LED

Datetime: 2018-08-27 15:57:44

Some questions about the explosion-proof emergency light LED

Explosion-proof LED emergency lights are LED explosion-proof lights and emergency equipment used for lighting to solve the sudden power outages of industrial and mining companies during the production process, giving people the power to evacuate lighting. Dingtong\'s maximum power 100W LED explosion proof emergency light, emergency time of 60 minutes, leading in the industry, emergency start-up time is short, no flicker. Someone in the end asked me why he used our emergency equipment, there is no way to have an emergency? After discovering, they use LED driver power supply DC power input is not supported, so it can not work, so emergency lighting should correspond to all accessories.

dock light 1

The above paragraph is the square type 70WLED explosion-proof emergency light that we produce. It is easy to install and install in the tunnel loaded in Guangdong. It has been delivered and used by the team. The effect is very good. As long as you request, Dingtong has first-class. The technical team, we can try to meet, believe in one thing, no settings can not make products, only set up can not think.