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Slughaus squeezes a bright LED torch flashlight into keychain-friendly Bull3t

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-05-22 16:17:31

Slughaus has a strong history in creating very small LED torch flashlights that you can take anywhere, and the Bull3t is its tiniest yet. Measuring just 30 mm (1.18 in) end to end, the micro LED torch flashlight pumps out 100 lumens of brightness with a twist on the base.

 The highlights here though are the compact size and the durability rather than the brightness of the torch itself. As with its previous LED torch flashlights, Slughaus is looking to fund the Bull3t on Kickstarter, and has blown way past its funding goal with over a month remaining on the campaign clock.

 As well as having a LED torch flashlight that's small enough to carry on a keychain and maybe lose down the back of the sofa, the Bull3t works underwater. It's fireproof too, and carproof – it'll carry on working even after being run over.

 Key to the compact design, Slughaus says, is a special super-thin LED module that maximizes brightness while minimizing power draw. It sits on the surface of its electronic board without going through it and enables the design to work.

 Speaking of power, three LR44H battery cells keep the light on, and the whole package is covered with matte black anodized aluminum or raw polished titanium, depending on your preference (and budget – the titanium is more expensive).

 Slughaus is quoting an LED life of 150,000 hours, with each pack of three batteries lasting for five hours of illumination. Swapping batteries out should be simple enough, with a twist enough to open up and dismantle the Bull3t.

 It's not the smallest torch we've seen this year – the tiny Sub is less than an inch (25.4 mm) long, though only offers 30 lumens – but if durability as well as portability matters to you, the Bull3t could well be worth a look. As with any Kickstarter, there's no guarantee the product will make it to market, but Slughaus has been down this route before.
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