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Several important considerations for the design of LED high bay lights

Datetime: 2021-05-20 10:59:45

The LED high bay light uses a new type of light source. In addition to energy saving and environmental protection, it also has the advantages of pure light and concentrated light. New technologies, new materials and new processes have been continuously applied to the design of high-power LED high bay lights, laying a solid foundation for the design of high-power LED high bay lights. The design of LED high bay lights involves more details. We follow the following important considerations to reflect the design process and methods:

DL619 dock light

1 Power selection

 Traditional high bay lamps are mostly 250W or 400W high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps. Compared with the characteristics of new LED lamps, there are obvious differences:

2 Light source selection

At present, the well-known brands of high-power LED industrial and mining light sources on the market are: CREE, OSRAM, NICHIA, Lumileds (the earliest LED), in addition to Taiwanese manufacturers Epistar, Addison, and domestic packaging manufacturers Shenzhen Wanrun and Guangzhou Hong Li and Shenzhen Hongya are also popular brands.

3 Heat dissipation design:

  In the use of high-power LEDs, heat dissipation is a big problem. For example, if a 10W white light LED has a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 20%, 8W of electrical energy is converted into heat. If no heat dissipation measures are taken, the core temperature of the high-power LED will rise rapidly, when its junction temperature (TJ) When the temperature rises above the maximum allowable temperature (usually 150°C), the high-power LED will be damaged due to overheating. Therefore, heat dissipation design is also our most important content. In the following, we will discuss heat dissipation design from the combination of aluminum substrate and heat sink.

4 Mechanism design

  The design of LED high bay light mechanism involves not only the mechanical structure of the whole lamp, but also the beautiful appearance of the lamp. Next, we carry out the specific design of the die-casting radiator from the following four aspects.

5. LED high bay light verification results

  In order to ensure the quality of the lamps, we have carried out a series of tests on light distribution, thermal, electrical safety, and reliability before mass production and shipment. The following are the verification results of each test.

6. Cost and benefit evaluation

  Compared with high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps for plant lighting, the initial investment cost of LED high bay lamps is obviously much higher than that of traditional lamps. However, because the LED light source has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, and when it is made into a lamp, the advantage of the strong directivity of the LED light source is easily reflected. The efficiency of the LED lamp is much higher than that of the traditional lamp, so its energy-saving characteristics can be Obviously manifested.