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Overview of LED explosion-proof lights

Datetime: 2018-08-31 15:35:13

Overview of LED explosion-proof lights:

The explosion-proof lamp "Ex" must be on the outer casing of the explosion-proof lamp. Explosion-proof in special places is explosion-proof under the coal mine. In addition to the explosion-proof mark on the outer casing of the explosion-proof lamp, there is also an explosion-proof mark of "MA" coal safety certificate. Explosion-proof lamps, as the name implies, are lamps that can be used for explosion-proof. They mainly use the explosion-proof surface of the explosion-proof lamp to separate the easily explosive dust and gas to prevent explosion. Explosion-proof lamps are used in areas 1 and 2 of explosive gas environment and are commonly used in IIA and IIB explosive gas environments, such as oil exploitation, oil refining, chemical industry, military and other dangerous environments, offshore oil platforms, oil tankers and other places. LED explosion-proof lamp is a kind of explosion-proof lamp, and it is also one of the most important explosion-proof lamps at present. The main reason for LED explosion-proof lamp is that LED light source conforms to the current mainstream form: low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection.