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Mining Lamp

Datetime: 2019-09-27 09:31:56

Industrial and mining lamps refer to the lamps used in the work areas such as factories and mines. In addition, there are explosion-proof lamps used in special environments. Usually, the mining lamps are subject to a series of product certifications such as explosion-proof certification and quality system certification. Therefore, industrial and mining lamps will strictly implement national standards in the production and selection of materials, and the price will be higher than ordinary lamps. However, high-quality products not only save electricity costs, but also save the cost of secondary purchase and maintenance. Of course, the most important thing is to provide quality and safety for safe production.

The common sense of the mining lamp

Because the working environment of the mining lamp is special, you should pay special attention when choosing. So what should you focus on when purchasing? Here are some tips for buying: First of all, when you buy, you can put a variety of industrial and mining lamps together for comparison. The chips of the lamps and the products with good dimensional consistency are better, because generally this is big. Products produced on a scale. In addition, it depends on whether the appearance of the lamp has cracks, loose signs, etc. If there are indications that it is a poor quality product, then it must be carefully purchased.

In addition, the wholesale users of industrial and mining lamps can also distinguish the quality of the industrial and mining lamp housing materials, the good mining lamp is the use of space aluminum, the thermal conductivity is super good, indicating smooth. Usually, the temperature of the mining lamp will not be too high. If the purchased product heats up significantly during work, it indicates that the quality is problematic.