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Miners lamp

Datetime: 2020-08-13 15:42:47

The miners lamp is relatively common during construction. There are many types of the miners lamp. The characteristics of different miners lamp are also different.

 Generally, the lamps are usually arranged evenly above or on the side walls of the work site to illuminate the entire work surface. Lamps have higher requirements for light distribution, and direct lighting and semi-direct lighting are widely used.

In the semi-direct lighting type, a part of the upward light illuminates the ceiling, which can increase the brightness of the ceiling and create a more comfortable and brighter environment.

The local lighting is a kind of lamp to improve the illuminance of a certain working part. It can be to strengthen and supplement the lighting on the basis of general lighting. It can be used as temporary lighting in some places that do not need lighting at ordinary times,such as equipment maintenance and maintenance places. There are no strict regulations on their light distribution.

Local lighting is usually installed near the work area, using incandescent lamps and tungsten halogen lamps with safety extra-low voltage as the light source.There are running lights, hanging lights, work desk lights, machine tool work lights, etc. In some tall factories, spotlights are used for local lighting sometimes.

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