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Miner lamp

Datetime: 2020-04-02 15:19:49

Miner lamp is a collective name for special lighting fixtures which is used in mine.The miner lamp is suitable for the places where there is danger of gas and coal dust explosion under the coal mine. The roadway in the mining area at the bottom of the mine can also be used in the roadway and chamber of the infrastructure mine with large water leakage. It is mainly used for safety lighting and disaster relief lighting,such as petroleum, chemical, railway, transportation, storage exist in flammable and explosive flammable gas environments.

The lighting part of the miner lamp is composed of the lamp holder shell and the reflector inside the lamp holder, a light bulb, a lamp face glass, a lamp holder ring and so on.

The traditional miner lamp is a lithium battery miner lamp. The new type of miner lamp is LED miner lamp.

Lithium battery miner lamp is a miner lamp which uses lithium ion battery as the power source. Miner lamp battery mainly has lead-acid battery and nickel-metal hydride battery box lithium-ion battery. Lithium battery is widely used because of its small size, light weight and large capacity. Lithium-ion batteries include lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, and lithium iron phosphate according to the battery anode materials. Lithium manganate batteries are widely used.

Lithium-ion miner lamp is portable and consist of a lamp cap, a cable, and a battery. There are at least two light sources in the lamp cap, and the lamp cap can be fixed on a mining helmet. It is suitable for petrochemical, electric power, mine, fire protection, metallurgy and other flammable and explosive places and as mobile lighting.

The LED miner lamp is a miner lamp produced by using a high-brightness LED light source instead of a traditional lamp bead as a light emitter and cooperating with a lithium ion battery. It is small, light , energy and efficient. It is a light that can be carried around. It is suitable for underground mining operations, tunnel operations, marine operations, maintenance operations, outdoor sports, hunting and night fishing, expeditions, soldier equipment, etc.