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Miner Lamp

Datetime: 2019-08-27 11:28:37

Notes for miner lamp:

Miner lamp is the abbreviation of mine lamp, which is generally used for special lamps in mine lighting. The miner lamp is mainly used for safety lighting in mines, petroleum, chemicals and other inflammable and explosive environments. Because it is used in special environments, miner lamps generally have special features such as explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant. Because of the special nature of the miner lamp, when using the miner lamp, pay attention to it. Especially during the charging process, when the miner lamp is charged, it should be handled by a special person, and the battery temperature should not be too high when charging. When the battery does not need to be recharged, the charging circuit should be cut off in time. Before charging, check the miner lamp component for any problems. If there is any problem, it should be repaired in time, and the battery should be replaced in time.