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Maintenance of explosion-proof lights

Datetime: 2020-09-12 17:49:01

Explosion-proof lights used in special places have very high quality requirements. The later maintenance process of lamps and lanterns is handled well or not, which affects the performance of explosion-proof lamps. During the maintenance process, you need to pay attention to the following matters.

The lampshade of various explosion-proof lights should be able to cut off the power before opening. However, because the interlocking device is complicated and not easy to implement, most lamps are only marked with warning signs such as prohibiting live opening on the outer shell. Never open the lid immediately and touch the gas bulb with bare hands, which provides convenience and safety for the maintenance work. The fluorescent lamp is a cold light source lamp, there is no surface high temperature, and the lid can be opened immediately after power failure.

When replacing the bulb , the flameproof joint surface of the explosion-proof light should be protected properly and must not be damaged. The flameproof surface after cleaning should be coated with phosphating paste, and other paints are strictly prohibited.

There should be no rust layer on the surface. If there is a slight rust, there should be no pitting phenomenon after cleaning. The sealing ring used for dustproof and waterproof must be intact, which is very important for increased safety lamps.

If the seal ring is damaged severely, replace it with a seal ring of the same specification and material, and replace the entire lamp if necessary. When overhauling, pay attention to whether the lampshade is in good condition. If it breaks, it needs to be replaced immediately.