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Maintenance of LED explosion-proof lights

Datetime: 2021-01-07 20:12:19

Recently, Bian Xiao received a lot of comments from netizens, asking Bian Xiao why the LED explosion-proof lights they bought did not take a long time to cause problems, while the LED explosion-proof lights of others took a long time to use, etc. Similar problems. This kind of problem was not very clear when I first entered the lighting industry, but then I gradually understood. Although there are some differences in the quality of LED explosion-proof lights produced by different manufacturers, the difference is not particularly large now, because LED explosion-proof lights are widely used. what is the reason? It turns out that different people have done a good job maintaining LED explosion-proof lights.

About the maintenance of LED explosion-proof lights

Today, I will explain to you how to maintain LED explosion-proof lights.

1. Some people use LED explosion-proof lights in humid environments. In this environment, it is necessary to regularly check whether there is sludge water generated by long-term use in a humid environment in the lamp cavity of the LED explosion-proof lamp.

2. When the LED explosion-proof light source fails, immediately stop using the LED explosion-proof light and replace the failed LED explosion-proof light source. In this way, the problem of the lamp assembly caused by the long-term failure of the light source can be avoided

3. If the parts and electronic components of the LED explosion-proof lamp need to be replaced, the model of the LED explosion-proof lamp needs to be clarified, and the new parts and electronic components need to be consistent with the model of the LED explosion-proof lamp