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Lighting use place, use, illumination, service life

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-07 14:44:41
Lighting use place, use, illumination, service life

1) Location

      a. The area in which the luminaire is used in an explosive environment;

       Gas: Zone 0 (Zone0): Zone 1 (Zone1): Zone 2 (Zone2):

       Dust: Zone 20 (Zone 20): Zone 21 (Zone 21): Zone 22 (Zone 22):

       b. Lamp category:

       Mining: Class I

       Factory use: Class II

       Dust: Class III


       c. Protection of the luminaire:

       d. Degree of protection: IPXX; (front X: solid particles, rear X: liquid droplets)

       e. Anti-corrosion grade: W, WF, WF1; (outdoor anti-corrosion, medium anti-corrosion, strong anti-corrosion)

       f. Special requirements for lamps: diving, special environment (marine) anti-vibration;

2) Use

       The purpose of the luminaire: lighting, signal, alarm, light sensing.

   a. Lighting: general lighting, floodlighting, floodlighting.

   b. Signal: signal indication;

   c. Alarm: use light flash as a warning;

   d. Light sensing: automated light counting sensing.

3) Illuminance

       Illuminance E[lx] = luminous flux [lm] falling on the surface of the object / surface area of the illuminated object [m2];

       Light effect η [lm / W] = luminous flux [lm] / power consumption [W];

       Luminance L [cd / m] = light intensity [cd] / observed light surface area [m2];

       Light intensity [l] = luminous flux in a specific direction [lm] / spherical angle in a specific direction [Ω(sr)]

4) Service life (selected from the sample for reference)

   Service life: the actual use time of the luminaire;

   Incandescent lamp: 100-300W average service life 1000-1500h;

   High mercury lamp: 50-400W average service life 3500-6000h;

   Self-mercury lamp: 125-450W average service life 3000h;

   Metal halide lamp: 70-400W average service life 5000-10000;

   Ganna lamp: 50-400W average service life 18000-24000.
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