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LED explosion-proof lighting problem

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-31 15:36:18
LED explosion-proof lighting problem
1LED explosion-proof lamp to find out the reason and see if there are too many electric or lighting problems. When the explosion-proof lamp belt is held, it gives the explosion-proof socket painted clay, and the led backlight water goes bad, so we must pay attention to the load time.

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2, LED explosion-proof lights need to pay attention, wrapped in a wheel polishing workshop with a plug cable cover hose, when sparks are very dangerous place.

3, do not trade in separate light, first check, but first let the seller contact the seller under the explosion-proof LED lights, if the warranty period, the seller will teach you how to deal with

4 and the general seller will agree to let you check for the first time separately, LED explosion-proof lights are mainly with the lamp beads, 80% of the power is broken, if the installation is not loaded, water, the lamp beads will also burn, If the power supply is broken, just to change the power to return to the seller, if the lamp bead is burned, then only the whole lamp and courier or logistics will be sent to the seller for repair.
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