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LED explosion-proof lamps

Datetime: 2019-11-23 14:34:02

LED explosion-proof lamps are the most common lighting fixtures for use. Its explosion-proof technical problems have long caused widespread concern and attention. Aluminum alloy profile shell, electrostatic spray on the surface; lighting, emergency dual use; sealed cabinet maintenance-free nickel-cadmium battery pack, automatic charging under all normal power supply systems, safety accidents, power off or power failure, automatic light for emergency lights Bright; seamless steel pipe routing; emergency lighting, all normal lighting and emergency lighting are separate; lighting emergency dual-use lamps, all normal lighting and emergency lighting, a common lamp arm, the light source is separate.


LED explosion-proof lamps are based on the unique LED luminous flux design scheme to accurately manipulate the light type and brightening angle of the LED light source to prevent photochemical pollution and its failed light application; the light source is mild, no glare, and it is not easy to cause the work staff. Eye fatigue, improve efficiency. And it can also choose the international famous brand T5 fluorescent tube according to customer\'s regulations, the special effect is high, more suitable for the actual lighting natural environment, compared with T8 fluorescent tube energy saving 30% up and down. Moreover, the emergency equipment can be added according to the customer\'s prescribed skills, and the embedded lamp body is light in quality. When the external power is turned off, the lighting fixture automatically converts the emergency lighting situation.