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LED explosion-proof lamps and ordinary lamps

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-10-10 17:32:13
LED explosion-proof lamps and ordinary lamps

The biggest difference between LED explosion-proof lamps and ordinary lamps is that the safety performance is very high. Many production workshops have a variety of dangerous gases or substances. LED explosion-proof lamps are used in these places to avoid explosions and ensure the safety of workshop workers. Now the country The safety production requirements are very strict, and there will be safety inspections every year. If it is found that there are dangerous goods in the workshop, then it is necessary to use explosion-proof lamps, otherwise it may be required to stop production and rectification. Each explosion-proof luminaire has an explosion-proof surface at each opening, which prevents the arc generated during internal electrical work from affecting dangerous substances outside. The thickness of the explosion-proof lamp housing is much thicker than the ordinary one. Even if the time is long, the short circuit of the internal circuit will explode, and the lamp housing will not be damaged, effectively separating it from the dangerous gas outside.


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