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LED explosion-proof lamp specific classification description

Datetime: 2021-03-12 08:51:02

How to classify LED explosion-proof lights? LED explosion-proof lights can be roughly divided into five categories, namely: LED explosion-proof lights, increased safety LED explosion-proof lights, positive pressure LED explosion-proof lights, non-sparking LED explosion-proof lights and dust-proof LED explosion-proof lights. These types are only a single type of explosion-proof form, and some combine these explosion-proof forms to make a load LED explosion-proof lamp.

For high-power LED explosion-proof lights, heat dissipation has become a bottleneck restricting the development of LED explosion-proof lights. Semiconductor refrigeration technology has the advantages of small size, no need to add refrigerant, simple structure, no noise, stability and reliability. With the advancement of semiconductor material technology and the discovery of high-spot conversion materials, semiconductor refrigeration technology is used to solve LED explosion-proof The heat dissipation problem of the lamp lighting system will have very practical significance.

According to the type of protection against electric shock, it can be divided into three categories. These types of designs focus on the design of LED explosion-proof lamps, and whether the housing has protection against electric shock is a problem.

LED explosion-proof lights can be classified as follows according to the protection level of the shell: LED explosion-proof lights have many shells that can provide insulation protection. The first is to protect people and dust. There are six levels. There are also eight levels of water resistance.

According to the supporting surface material of the LED explosion-proof lamp, it can be divided into: indoor LED explosion-proof lamp, if it is an indoor LED explosion-proof lamp, it is installed on the wall or ceiling. Outdoor LED explosion-proof lights. LED explosion-proof lights have been used for many years, and various companies have also mastered more experience in research and development, and have developed generations of products that basically meet the requirements for use in hazardous locations. Compared with traditional explosion-proof lights, LED explosion-proof lights are smaller in size, lighter in weight, longer in life, and at a moderate price, which is deeply satisfied by users.

For lighting places in the petroleum and petrochemical industries, considering the overall quality, safety performance, cost control and future lamp abolition regulations of the project, it is the only way to choose mature LED explosion-proof lamps. Explosion-proof lamp equipment protection standards depend on the environmental area. Due to the continuous expansion of international trade exchanges, electrical explosion-proof technologies represented by IEC standards are being used more and more in the world.