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LED explosion-proof lamp maintenance content

Datetime: 2019-11-23 14:31:05

1 Maintenance and repair personnel must be trained by personnel to master the application performance of the lamps and establish application regulations. Maintenance personnel must have the expertise to understand the construction of the luminaire product.

2 Remove the dust and stains on the explosion-proof lamp housing on time to improve the special effects of the lamp and the heat dissipation performance of the heat pipe. The cleaning method can be based on the safety protection work capacity of the lamp housing, and the watering is used (the lamp is marked on the left and right sides of the lamp) or the wet file is used. When sprinkling water is cleaned, the switching power supply should be disconnected. It is forbidden to clean the plastic housing (full transparent part) of the lamp with a damp cloth to avoid static induction.


3 Check the LED explosion-proof lamp housing (full transparent parts) whether there is a serious color drop, such as the color drop is more serious, indicating that the plastic has been embrittled. Check whether the transparent parts are damaged by the impact of dirty objects, whether the safety net is loose, bad contact, and so on. If so, it should be deactivated and repaired and replaced immediately.

4 If the light source is destroyed, the light should be turned off immediately, and the replacement should be notified to prevent the electrical components such as the electronic ballast from being abnormal for a long time because the light source cannot be started.

5 If there is water in the lamp cavity of the lamp used in the wet and cold natural environment, it should be eliminated immediately, and the sealing member should be replaced to ensure the safety protection performance of the shell.

6 When opening the lamp cover, press the warning plate to open the cover after disconnecting the power supply.