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LED explosion-proof lamp - matters needing attention

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-09-06 17:30:36
LED explosion-proof lamp - matters needing attention
LED explosion-proof lamp 1. Regularly eliminate the dust and dirt on the outer casing of the explosion-proof lamp, and improve the light efficiency and heat dissipation performance of the lamp. The cleaning method can be sprayed according to the protective ability of the lamp housing (above the sign on the lamp) or with a damp cloth. When cleaning with water spray, the power should be cut off. It is strictly forbidden to wipe the plastic housing (transparent part) of the lamp with a dry cloth to prevent static electricity.
2. Check whether the transparent parts have been damaged by foreign objects, and whether the protection net is loose, desoldered or corroded. If it is, stop using it and repair and replace it in time.
3. If the light source is damaged, the lamp should be turned off in time to notify the replacement, so as to prevent the electrical components such as the ballast from being abnormal for a long time because the light source cannot be started.
4. If there is accumulated water in the lamp cavity of the lamp used in the humid environment, it should be removed in time, and the sealing parts should be replaced to ensure the protection performance of the casing.

5. When opening the lamp cover, follow the warning sign and open the cover after disconnecting the power supply.


6. After opening the cover, check whether the flameproof joint surface is intact, whether the rubber seal is hard or sticky, whether the wire insulation layer is green and carbonized, and whether the insulation and electrical components have deformation and scorch marks. If these problems are found, they should be repaired and replaced in time.
7. Apply a damp cloth (not excessively wet) before closing the cover to lightly return the light and transparent parts to improve the light efficiency of the lamp. A layer of 204-1 replacement rust preventive oil should be applied thinly on the flameproof joint surface. When closing the cover, it should be noted that the seal ring is sealed at the original position.
8. The sealed part of the luminaire should not be removed and opened frequently.
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