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LED explosion-proof l

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-02 10:47:12
LED explosion-proof luminaires are made for the purpose of safe lighting for explosion-proof lamps at disaster sites or at explosion sites. Explosion-proof luminaires are luminaires that can be specifically set up according to the site environment by contacting or mixing igniting materials (gas) in explosive atmospheres, explosive dust environments, and gas atmospheres. Its most important principle of explosion protection is to limit and block the contact between explosive gas and explosive dust and the outer casing of the explosion-proof lamp, and the external components, thereby reducing the appearance of the ignition point and its temperature.
LED explosion-proof lamps are solid-state cold light sources, which have the advantages of general solid-state cold light sources; for example, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low heat, energy saving, low working voltage and safety, long service life and so on. Because of this, Datian's high-power white LED is an explosion-proof luminaire, especially a portable explosion-proof luminaire. It is definitely an excellent and very ambitious electric light source.
LED explosion-proof lamp is a kind of lighting equipment used in special industries. Its main function is lighting, but its special problem is to install safe lighting in special environment. Therefore, its construction is more special than the general explosion-proof lamp. Its composition firstly includes a lamp housing and a lamp cover disposed at the outer end of the lamp housing, and an illuminator and a battery disposed inside the lamp housing, and a switch disposed on the outer surface of the lamp housing.

The characteristics of these structures are mainly: the illuminator is a high-power LED module, and the illuminant and the battery are also provided with a wide voltage input driving circuit; and the wide voltage input driving circuit also includes a constant current chip, which is a constant current. The chip is combined with the battery into a power module. When the LED module is connected with the constant current chip, the power module is combined with the LED module glue seal; the lamp cover and the lamp housing are ultrasonically welded. Welding is performed.


The LED explosion-proof lamp manipulates the low heat-generating characteristics of its quality and has excellent explosion-proof performance on the innate. And it has a long life, even at the end of its life, it can emit the same brightness as the new LED explosion-proof lamp. The explosion-proof advantages of materials and construction make the LED explosion-proof lamp have a super-explosive explosion-proof function. It can be used anywhere, no matter how bad the environment, it will always be indispensable.
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