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LED dock lights

Datetime: 2020-07-06 10:59:20

Port lighting is a necessary condition for safe production of ports, and an important measure to ensure the safety of night production and the passage of ships, vehicles and personnel at the port.

Port lighting mainly includes port road lighting, yard lighting, port machinery equipment lighting, dock lighting,etc.

The dock lighting mainly use LED.There is the method used by the LED dock lights.

Use stainless steel screws to fix the mounting surface, the mounting surface should be flat and have sufficient mechanical strength.

Connect the power lead wire directly to the live wire L, ground wire N and neutral wire PE.Connect the line and power on to work and light up.

The precautions for the use of LED dock lights.

During use, it is normal for the aluminum alloy of the lamp and the transparent surface of the lampshade to have a certain temperature rise.

It is recommended that the shortest distance between the lamp and the illuminated object is 3 meters when in use.

The surface of the lamp should not be covered with flammable materials during use.

Replacement and maintenance of lamps and lanterns should be cut off the power, and after the lamps are cooled by professional personnel.