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LED Miners Light

Datetime: 2020-09-04 09:33:51

What are the factors that affect the price of the LED miners light?

First of all,heat dissipation is another primary condition for high-quality LED miners light. Good heat-dissipating shell materials can dissipate heat for the LED chip immediately and prevent the LED chip from becoming hot for a long time and causing premature decline.

Secondly,some low-priced LED high bay lights use some unreliable packaging LED chips, which are very prone to mildew and poor heat dissipation characteristics, which in turn causes insufficient chromaticity of the whole lamp, chip glue is very easy to crack, and chip aging speed is faster.

However,a good LED chip means that it has excellent heat dissipation, ample sun exposure lumens, and high-tech packaging, so the chip can reduce the aging rate during long-term work.

Thirdly,high-quality LED miners light requires high-quality switching power supplies to provide constant current power supplies for the regulator tube and resist corrosion.

When choosing the LED miners light, one should not be optimistic about the price and neglect the quality. The application of the LED miners light not only involves service life, maintenance fees, but also comes to application safety.