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LED Explosion-Proof Lamp

Datetime: 2019-11-05 10:38:23

LED explosion-proof lamp

LED explosion-proof lights are only suitable for use in harsh environments. The explosion-proof lamp has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, good waterproof and explosion-proof performance and long service life, and can be used in various harsh environments.

Why choose LED explosion-proof lamps? What are the advantages of LED explosion-proof lamps?

1. High security performance
The LED explosion-proof lamp meets the national explosion-proof standards and has excellent explosion-proof and anti-static properties. Suitable for lighting work in a variety of flammable and explosive places.

2. Good energy saving effect
The advantages of LED light sources have been welcomed by users on the market. Like low energy consumption and high luminous efficiency, energy saving and high efficiency is its advantage, and it has begun to replace traditional light sources.

3. Soft light, no glare
The light of the LED explosion-proof lamp is soft and can be used in a special environment without causing discomfort to the operator. It does not cause visual fatigue and is a green light source.

5. Easy to use

The LED module of the LED explosion-proof lamp has a long life and can last for a long time. The user-friendly installation design can choose various installation methods such as ceiling type and wall hanging type according to the different environment requirements of the site. Very flexible and convenient.

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