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LED Explosion-Proof Lamp

Datetime: 2019-10-23 17:40:05

Nowadays, LED explosion-proof lamps are becoming more and more popular. Because of the high brightness of LEDs and the advantages of energy saving and power saving, after the products are introduced onto the market, they quickly occupy most of the position of the lighting market. For some environmental lighting needs, LED explosion-proof lamps The design also caters to some market needs. Then among the many explosion-proof lamp products, choosing an LED explosion-proof lamp product with reasonable price and high quality is also a matter that needs to be taken care of. The choice of explosion-proof lights can be selected from the following points:

1. The weight of the product
Because the outer casing of the LED explosion-proof lamp is die-casted from aluminum alloy, it can be seen from the thickness of the casing. Some manufacturers often use the hand and foot to save material, which usually lightens the weight of the lamp. The weight of the explosion-proof lamp is about 13kg, and the inferior explosion-proof lamp will be compressed to about 11KG. If the shell is too thin, it will produce tiny cracks during transportation. If it is not observed carefully, it will not be observed. If such a product works in a dangerous working environment, the lamps will not only age soon, but may even become a safety hazard. If it is serious, it may cause an explosion. Such an explosion-proof lamp is not only explosion-proof, but may also be the cause of an explosion accident.

2. The price of the product

The price of the LED explosion-proof lamp may be the same, but the price of packaging a finished LED lamp is very different. If you choose a lamp with a very low price, it is easy to know that quality can\'t be used for a long time. Generally speaking, the life and price of the product are directly proportional.

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