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LED Explosion-Proof Lamp

Datetime: 2019-10-17 09:36:18

LED explosion-proof lamp

LED explosion-proof lamp is an effective explosion-proof lamp. Its explosion-proof index is several times that of ordinary lamps and can be used in various flammable and explosive places. Applicable to a variety of enterprises such as chemical, petroleum, tanker and other dangerous production. Specifically, the application range of the explosion-proof lamp is wide, and from its characteristics, it not only has the function of explosion-proof, but also has the advantages of anti-humidity, high temperature resistance and anti-dropping.

LED explosion-proof lamp features:

1. The outer casing of the explosion-proof lamp is usually die-cast, tempered glass lampshade, and the protective mesh cover has double anti-corrosion performance.
2. Integrated lighting design, easy installation, low maintenance rate. The light of the illumination is even and there is no vertigo.
3. The light distribution style is flexible, can be made into a variety of floodlighting.
4. LED light source, we all know the advantages of LED, that is, LED has high luminous efficiency, long service life, no ultraviolet radiation, no heavy metal substances, is a kind of energy-saving and environmentally friendly light source, catering to the "promoted" The concept of eco-environment is the ideal choice for green lighting.

5. The use of smaller power LED lamps instead of the larger power of traditional lamps, can get the same lighting effect, which is the high performance of LED lamps. Explosion-proof luminaires are usually powered by DC low voltage and have low heat output.

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