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LED DVR flashlight with camera

Datetime: 2020-08-21 17:22:26

The following are the functions of the LED DVR flashlight with camera.

It is environmental friendly. It has long illumination distance in night, long life span and free maintenance.There is high energy rechargeable battery, with low self-discharge rate and without memory.It can be recharged many times.Spot light and flood light can be changed freely, which makes long distance lighting and broad lighting possible.

It has photographed function. Imaging sensor installed inside of lamp can take photograph or video. The image resolution can be set freely, it can take photograph or video under illumination, even in particular environment.

It is safe. It has the protection of over-charge, over-discharge and short circuit. The battery pack is protected by plastic housing for dropping resistance.

It can take pictures at high speed.Dynamic shooting can reach to 60 frames per second, which assures video stable and clear.It is light and small, it can be took in hand or slung across body with belt to meet various working requirement.

There is LCD screen.It can show the menu set function and work accordingly when recording or photographing. It also can overview the recorded video and photos, no need to connect computer. All operations are convenient and swift.

The LED DVR flashlight with camera suits for Police patrol, firefighting, exploration, electricity service, electrified wire setting, petroleum and Petrochemical Industry, railway department and traveling, and etc.

The LED DVR flashlight with camera not only can be used as a flashlight, but also can take photos, video and audio in real time in different occasion. It has red and green signal light for train or traffic guidance.