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Inspection of Diving Flashlight

Datetime: 2020-09-30 08:34:25

When you are ready to dive into the sea, it is important to conduct a pre-diving safety check with your buddy. From the beginning of wearing diving equipment to the beginning of diving, many unexpected situations may occur.

If there is any problem, it is better to find and eliminate it before diving than if it happened in the water.The safety checks before diving are very important.

First,open the airon to view the residual pressure gauge index.

Second, inflate the BCD and check for leaks.

Third,make sure that the computeron is turned on and operating normally.Check whether there is sufficient power to complete this dive.

Fourth,make ensure that personal equipment and diving equipment are complete, including masks, fins, snorkels, counterweights, diving flashlights or diving lights, etc.

At last,enter the water, choose the best way to enter the water according to your diving environment.

Be sure to check these equipment before diving,especially the diving flashlight.Don\'t neglect the safety check before diving.