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Improve the three kinds of LED explosion-proof lamp heat dissipation

Datetime: 2018-09-06 17:32:29

Improve the three kinds of LED explosion-proof lamp heat dissipation
The heat radiation heat dissipation method has the advantage that heat can be released when the casing is sealed and thin, and heat cannot be transferred by convection. Some technicians have known this advantage for a long time, but there are very few precedents for full use.

However, recently, LED explosion-proof lighting products using heat radiation have increased. Among them, a Japanese lighting appliance company applied it to various applications ranging from large-scale LED lighting fixtures such as light projectors to small lamps such as desk lamps.
DL619 dock light
By using heat radiation to dissipate heat, the heat dissipation efficiency of the emitter can be improved without using a cooling fan. The use of a cooling fan eliminates the risk of failure (the risk of the fan being unable to dissipate due to some kind of failure), and because there is no need for multiple fins, it does not accumulate dust, eliminating the need for cleaning. In the manufacture of the desk lamp, the ultra-thin design of the outer casing near the light source is successfully realized by using heat radiation to dissipate heat.

After the ceramic circuit board is used, the total cost of the heat dissipating components such as the circuit board and the heat sink for mounting the LED module can be reduced, and it is intended to promote the heat dissipation cost as a selling point in the future.
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