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How to extend the service life of LED tri-proof floodlight

Datetime: 2021-05-31 09:18:43

The LED tri-proof floodlight adopts anti-aging silicone rubber sealing tape. The surface is treated with anodizing and plastic spraying. The whole lamp meets the IP65 standard. The high-purity German imported aluminum reflector is used to effectively improve the reflectivity and ensure the luminous flux output. The light emitted by the LED is controlled within the required range in a targeted manner, and the uniformity of the light output effect of the lamp and the utilization rate of light energy are improved.

LED tri-proof lights are widely used in life as lighting fixtures because of their performance characteristics. Next, Yangzhong Hengyuan Lighting will introduce how to extend the service life of LED tri-proof lights.

1. Keep the light on for a few hours a day, because there is moisture in the air, the moisture in the patch can be evaporated at a certain moment, so as to extend the service life of the lamp.

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2. Check the circuit carefully to see if there is a weak light after the lamp is installed. If there is, it means that the switch may be connected to the front of the zero line in reverse, and the lamp will be damaged if it takes a long time.

3. When using lamps, do not switch them frequently. Because the current caused by the lamp at the moment of frequent start-up will be greater than the current during normal operation, it is easy to make the temperature rise sharply, accelerate the sublimation, and reduce its service life.