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How to distinguish the quality of LED explosion-proof lights?

Datetime: 2021-04-22 08:57:52

As LED light sources are used more and more frequently, LED companies are also facing the transformation of the lighting industry. There are many types of LED lamps and the quality of products varies. During this process of transformation, some companies have gained great recognition from users. LED explosion-proof lights are The type of explosion-proof lighting lamps that use LED light sources, then how to judge the performance of the LED explosion-proof lamp brand?

Mainly from the following aspects:

   1. The brand and performance of the light source used in the LED explosion-proof lamp, that is, the luminous flux per unit power;

  2. The most difficult problem to solve for LED explosion-proof lamps is the heat dissipation of explosion-proof lamps. The heat dissipation of explosion-proof lamps is an important factor in judging the brand of lamps;

  3, the explosion-proof grade and three-proof grade of the LED explosion-proof lamp can ensure that the lamp can operate in a harsh environment;

  4. After-sales service of LED explosion-proof lamps. Good after-sales service can ensure that users of lamps have no worries.

  The service life of the LED explosion-proof lamp is mainly determined by the influence of several performances and components:

   1. The light source of the LED explosion-proof lamp, the life of the LED light source can reach 50,000 hours;

  2, the driving power of LED explosion-proof lamp, the better the power quality, the lower the loss of LED light source;

  3. The protection level of the LED explosion-proof lamp mainly depends on whether the shell has good waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof performance;

  4. The heat dissipation performance of the LED explosion-proof lamp, etc.

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