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How to distinguish ordinary cable reels when purchasing explosion-proof cable reels?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-07 14:37:23
How to distinguish ordinary cable reels when purchasing explosion-proof cable reels?
What is an explosion-proof cable reel. As the name suggests, it is a cable reel that prevents bursting due to external explosive gases or other conditions. Ordinary people may be unfamiliar with cable reels, but if you compare this with the appliances that we use in our daily lives, it may make you realize. Take the power socket we take for example. As a general rule, cable reels are industrial sockets.

We know that industrial electricity consumption is very large, and the amount of industrial cables is also very large. The safety of cables and cable reels is the primary consideration when selecting products. So how does the explosion-proof cable reel achieve the explosion-proof function? Let us understand the environment that may cause an explosion. According to the frequency and duration of the occurrence of explosive gas mixtures, China divides the explosive gas environment into three major regions: Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2. Zone 0 represents an environment where explosive gas mixtures will occur for a long time and continuously. This environment is generally only present in containers with a high concentration of mixed gases. Therefore, the environment facing explosion-proof cable trays is usually an environment in which explosive gases may occur or is unlikely. There is an environment that exists only for a short time even if it appears.

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In order to solve the possible dangers caused by the intermittent short-term of such explosive gas, the general technical requirements for the explosion-proof cable reel are as follows:

1, the cable length according to the standard, configured to 30 meters (can be customized length);

2, cable wiring;

3. The cable tray needs to be flexible to rotate. When moving, it must have brackets and walking wheels for easy movement.

4. The cable tray socket and the plug are provided with an interlocking device to ensure that the power can be inserted and removed after the power is cut off;

5. There is a split indication on the plug. The grounding contact on the plug is longer than the main contact. When plugging, the grounding plug is connected first and unplugged.
When the ground contact is detached;

6. The cable tray turntable and the explosion-proof plug housing are made of cast aluminum alloy and the surface is sprayed;

7. A small circuit breaker with leakage protection can be installed in the cable tray.

A correct understanding of what is called an explosion-proof cable helps to ensure the safety of industrial production. The safety of electricity consumption in industrial production requires not only the construction personnel to carefully regulate the operation, but also the more important need is to select industrial electrical appliances that meet the requirements and requirements. Explosion-proof cable reels are an important part of ensuring industrial production and electricity safety. Be sure to look for brands and specifications when choosing.

The difference between an explosion-proof cable reel and an ordinary cable reel is whether or not there is an explosion-proof function. According to its explosion-proof principle, the main difference between the two is concentrated on the socket panel of the panel. So what are the similarities and differences between explosion-proof sockets and ordinary sockets? Xiaobian takes everyone to find out.

Whether it is explosion-proof or normal, the basic function of the cable tray is the same, so their sockets have the same place:

1. The power indicator light is installed on the socket panel. The socket is energized and can be seen at a glance.

2. Both are equipped with leakage protectors. The common cable reels are electronic leakage protectors or electromagnetic leakage protectors. The explosion-proof cable reels are small leakage protection circuit breakers. In the event of a leakage or electric shock in the circuit, the power can be cut off in the shortest time to protect the safety of equipment and personnel.

3, the ordinary socket can be equipped with waterproof plastic cover, the industrial cable tray is equipped with industrial waterproof socket, the socket on the explosion-proof cable tray has waterproof cover, which can realize the function of waterproof and dustproof.

Because there is one more function than the ordinary socket, the explosion-proof socket has a clear difference from the general socket:

1, socket material:

The common cable reel is made of ABS+ polycarbon alloy synthetic material. The socket copper piece is made of 1.0 mm pure copper plate and nickel-plated. The panel and pin housing on the explosion-proof cable reel are made of cast aluminum alloy and the surface is sprayed. Plastic treatment, no static electricity is not easy to oxidize.

2. Plug design:

The length of the contact of the ordinary plug is the same. The grounding contact on the explosion-proof plug is longer than the main contact, ensuring that the grounding state is always maintained when plugging and unplugging, to avoid sparking, and there is a split indication on the plug. There is also an interlock between the socket and the plug to ensure that the plug can be inserted only after the power is turned off. The ordinary socket and the plug do not have this function and design.

The above is the similarities and differences between the explosion-proof cable tray socket and the ordinary socket. To understand the similarities and differences between the two, on the one hand, it can help consumers understand the working principle of the explosion-proof cable reel and increase the confidence of the product; on the other hand, it can help everyone distinguish between the two at the time of purchase. The difference is to avoid buying the wrong, or to buy unqualified explosion-proof products.
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