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How to choose the method of led explosion-proof lamp manufacturers

Datetime: 2018-09-12 16:29:39

How to choose the method of led explosion-proof lamp manufacturers
First, product quality
The product is placed in the first place to be inspected, because there is no good product, the price is more favorable and the service is more thoughtful, it is useless. Therefore, it is important to examine the quality of the product. From the selection of raw materials for LED explosion-proof lamp manufacturers to the level of production technology of workers to the advanced nature of production equipment, we must understand the inspection. In addition, what quality certifications are made by the company, and which production standards are met by the products, all of which must be carefully understood to ensure product quality.

Second, the company\'s production qualification

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Led explosion-proof lamp manufacturers, providing more and better choices for wholesalers nationwide. However, when choosing a supplier, you can\'t easily make a choice based on the information you know online. It is necessary to consult and understand in order to avoid being deceived by small workshops. If you can\'t get to know the factory in person, you must first contact the manufacturer to inquire about the relevant production qualifications. To prove the documents of production qualification, verify the information on the authoritative website to ensure the production qualification of the company is effective. This is also a guarantee for the quality of the products that are distributed.
Third, the scale of production
The scale of production of enterprises is large or small, not to say that small-scale enterprises are not reliable, but in comparison, the scale has greater advantages. If a production enterprise has only a few dozen people, its production capacity must be limited. When the goods are tight, there will definitely be a shortage of supply, so that the wholesaler not only loses the order, but also the corporate reputation. However, if you choose a manufacturer with strong production capacity, if the product has quality problems, the big business response will be faster than the small business, and the problem can be solved quickly without worrying about the damage of the company\'s reputation.
Fourth, technology research and development strength
Led explosion-proof lamps belong to the lighting industry. If manufacturers have independent research and development teams, then the products produced will have unique competitive advantages in the market, so the agent wholesalers also have unique product advantages and are competitive in the market. Bigger. On the contrary, manufacturers that do not have independent research and development capabilities can only produce mass products on the market. The homogenization of products is serious, and the competitiveness of products is not strong, which will also have a bad impact on sales. In addition, the importance and input of an enterprise to independent research and development can also be seen that this enterprise has a long-term development vision, and its corporate strength is generally strong.
Fifth, brand influence
In the modern market, competition among enterprises is not only a fight for products, but also a brand. When the wholesaler understands the market, he will definitely be exposed to some well-known brand manufacturers in the LED explosion-proof lamp industry. Understand the influence of these big brands in the market, you will find that the attractiveness of well-known brands to customers is immeasurable. Some customers choose your product for the brand. Therefore, when selecting a partner, the influence of the company or product brand is also an important reference.