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How to choose the explosion-proof junction box and model

Datetime: 2018-11-07 14:29:49

How to choose the explosion-proof junction box and model
Selection of explosion-proof junction box
The selection of explosion-proof junction boxes is mainly based on three conditions:
1. Explosion-proof level;
2. Sensor supply voltage;
3. The number of sensors (four lines, six lines, eight lines, ten lines, etc.).
Explosion-proof junction box models are various, different models, although the basic functions are the same, but there will be some differences between the parameters, the following models are more common models:
1. The general model is BJX-10A, BJX-20A/12, BXK8050, BXM (D) series explosion-proof junction box, taking BJX-20/30 model as an example: the number of terminals is 20, the rated current is 30A, the top is Line, inlet thread 1*G20, 1 piece, lower outlet line, outlet line thread 2*G15, 4 pieces. 50 sets of wall-mounted and floor-standing options are available.
2, according to the size division, the explosion-proof junction box models are 135X135X110mm, 200X135X110mm, 300X200X120mm, 400X300X150mm and so on.
Consumers should select the appropriate type of explosion-proof junction box according to explosion-proof requirements and wiring requirements, and select the appropriate size to improve the explosion-proof function and enhance the safety of use.


How to choose the scope of explosion-proof and anti-corrosion junction box
Hazardous locations in Zones 1.1 and 2.
2. Class A, B, IIC explosive gas environment.
3. Temperature group: T1-T6;
4. Used in chemical, refining, oil exploitation, offshore oil platforms, oil tankers, and other hazardous locations;