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How to choose and buy LED headlights

Datetime: 2020-05-28 16:40:00

The battery

There are two kinds of ordinary battery and lithium battery. The lithium battery for rechargeable battery but the serve life is shorter. The life is about 2 years.

The service life of LED is about 10 years, you can choose according to the actual situation.

The light bulb

The light bulb goes out, it is difficult to distinguish in our eyes whether is good or bad, we can see the consistency of the light bulb in the case of lighting.

The aperture

A good LED flashlight aperture for a uniform circle, poor LED flashlight spots are divided into yellow and blue uneven distribution.

The brightness

The good LED flashlight brightness is high. There is slow attenuation speed.

The waterproof

The good LED flashlight is waterproof. The seismic performance should be good. It is resistant to fall.

The appearance

There should be uniform color, meticulous workmanship, no burrs and no scratches on the surface of the product. It is best to have small rounded corners to avoid hand injury.