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How to choose an explosion-proof flashlight?

Datetime: 2021-04-08 16:26:54

Faced with various models of flashlights, you may be dazzled and do not know how to choose. Each type of flashlight is different, and each type of flashlight has unique characteristics. When choosing a flashlight, you should first recognize which aspect is most important to you based on your actual usage. If you are a policeman or rescue team, your first consideration may be the brightness of the flashlight and its protection in a specific environment; if you are an outdoor adventure sports enthusiast, your first consideration may be weight and volume; if you only do general Use, your first consideration may be the battery life and the cost of the battery; I will share with you below

Explosion-proof, as the name implies, means to prevent explosions, so we must choose explosion-proof flashlights that have been certified for explosion-proof safety. It can be used normally in various flammable and explosive places.

It is impossible to carry a large number of batteries in outdoor activities, so try to choose high-efficiency explosion-proof flashlights to ensure sufficient brightness and long battery life. It is best to have a strong light flashlight with a low brightness level that can reach more than tens of hours, so that in extreme cases, it can continuously illuminate for more than a week every night.

Relative to home, the first problem to be solved in a strong light flashlight is waterproofing. It can be used normally when immersed in shallow water (generally within 2 meters). Of course, it is not a problem to resist rain. In a sense, waterproofing is also It is the content of outdoor reliability.

The emergence of multi-level dimming technology finally makes the brightness and battery life of the fish and bear\'s paw appear on the same LED flashlight. You can choose the most suitable brightness for different purposes such as camping, hiking, searching, etc., while reasonably saving valuable electric energy. At the same time, the multi-speed dimming technology also derives many auxiliary functions, such as the SOS distress signal, which can send out the Distress Morse code when encountering danger, and ask for help from search and rescue personnel.

Easy to recharge the battery, it is best to use it can be recharged everywhere, even in small villages as long as there is electricity in the place, or in most cases the ideal battery with this characteristic is the 18650 rechargeable battery

Outdoor sports require lighting tools to be "available at any time." Lighting tools with poor reliability are fatal if they fail to work at critical moments, and the most serious may lead to life-threatening. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle for choosing LED outdoor sports lighting tools

The environment for outdoor activities is complicated, and no one can guarantee what kind of situation you will face. When high-brightness lighting is required, it is very dangerous for a flashlight to be inadequate. Therefore, a high-bright light flashlight is a necessary lighting tool, especially for exploring unfamiliar road sections. The maximum brightness of the strong light flashlight is preferably more than 200 lumens.

At the same time of work, as the energy consumption voltage of the battery decreases, the brightness also decreases, and the lighting effect gradually deteriorates. When the brightness drops to a certain level, it can no longer provide suitable lighting, and only replace the battery. The battery still has half the power, so this part of the power is wasted. The emergence of constant brightness technology solves this problem. Constant brightness technology can ignore the change of battery voltage and provide almost constant brightness most of the time, which not only improves the lighting effect, but also makes full use of every minute of the battery\'s electrical energy. .

To be as small as possible and light in weight, carry out without increasing the load and save energy, the general personal outdoor strong light flashlight is best controlled within 220g. Of course, large-area lighting explosion-proof flashlights need to be different in weight and volume in brightness.