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Hazardous light

Datetime: 2020-04-16 15:03:01

Hazardous light is generally used in the development of police cars, engineering vehicles,fire engines,emergency vehicles,preventive management vehicles,road maintenance vehicles, tractors,mechanical equipment

It can control signal interlocking in electrical control circuits such as machinery, electricity, machine tools, chemical industry, telecommunications, shipping, metallurgy, etc.

The Hazardous light is a product that can provide a variety of lengths according to the type and use of the car.

The installation characteristics of hazardous lights can be divided into combined long-row warning lights, combined tower-shaped warning lights, small types of warning lights, etc.

Hazardous light has bulb type , LED hazardous light and so on.

Bulb type

The light bulb-type Hazardous light is actually similar to the principle of the light bulb . According to the current through the resistance wire to emit light. It usually spirals black wire, and inert gas is injected into the light.

LED hazardous light

LED hazardous light is made of light-emitting diodes, so the photoelectric conversion efficiency is very high, which is a type of energy-saving and long-life lamps. LED life is affected by factors such as overvoltage, ambient temperature, etc., but it will not gradually thin out due to filament evaporation.There will be no mechanical wear, so it does not need a characteristic anti-shock structure to resist shock, vibration, and it has long life .