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Features and precautions of explosion-proof lights

Datetime: 2020-12-30 10:09:33

Explosion-proof lamp refers to a lamp used in dangerous places where flammable gas and dust exist, and can prevent the arc, spark and high temperature that may be generated inside the lamp from igniting the flammable gas and dust in the surrounding environment, so as to meet the requirements of explosion-proof. Including explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof glare lights, explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof work lights and other explosion-proof lamps.

Explosion-proof LED lights

Features are as follows

1. Explosion-proof function: The product strictly complies with the requirements of GB3868-2000 (Electrical Equipment in Explosive Gas Environment) and other related standards, and can work safely in flammable and explosive places.

2. Light efficiency and energy saving: Use gas discharge bulbs and high-reflectivity mirror reflectors, which have high luminous efficiency, long life, large lighting range and high brightness; metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps are two kinds of bulbs and a variety of power can be based on the working environment, The actual lighting characteristics and light intensity need to be matched.

3. Applicable environment: The shell is made of high-strength alloy materials and precise structural design, which has high resistance to strong collision and impact. Optimized structural design and surface treatment, good waterproof performance, can prevent flooding and violent sea waves, and have Excellent corrosion resistance.

4. Installation method: multiple installation methods such as seat type, wall hanging, hanging, ceiling, etc. can be selected; the lamp holder takes the end of the lamp holder as the axis, and can be rotated 360° for illumination, and can be rotated left and right within the range of 16° Lighting meets the needs of lighting angles in different work sites. The universal pipe threaded cable entry port can be adapted to the cable entry of different diameters of Φ814mm; multiple cable entry ports can realize the parallel connection of multiple lights, which is suitable for layout engineering lighting.


1. Pack the lamps in the provided carton during transportation, and install foam shock absorbers.

2. When installing and maintaining the lamps, the power must be disconnected first.

3. When using, there is a certain temperature rise on the surface of the lamp, which is a normal phenomenon; the center temperature of the transparent part is high, so it is not allowed to touch.

4. When replacing bulbs, use bulbs of the same type and power; if the bulb type or power is changed, the supporting ballast shall be replaced accordingly.