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Explosion-proof type

Datetime: 2021-07-02 14:06:31

According to the explosion-proof measures taken, explosion-proof electrical equipment can be divided into explosion-proof type, increased safety type, intrinsically safe type, positive pressure type, oil immersed type, sand-filled type, encapsulated type, n type, special type, dust explosion-proof type Wait. Their identification is shown in the following table:

Explosion-proof electrical equipment (d): refers to the electrical equipment that encloses the components that can ignite explosive mixtures in an enclosure that can withstand the explosive pressure of the internal explosive mixture and prevent the explosion of the surrounding explosive mixture.

Increased safety electrical equipment (e): Under normal operating conditions, no spark or dangerous temperature will be generated to ignite explosive mixtures, and structural measures shall be taken to improve its safety level to avoid ignition under normal and prescribed overload conditions Electrical equipment.

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Intrinsically safe electrical equipment (i): Electrical equipment that cannot ignite explosive mixtures under normal operation or under standard test conditions.

Non-sparking electrical equipment (n): Electrical equipment that does not produce arcs or sparks under normal operating conditions, nor does it produce high-temperature surfaces or hot spots that can ignite surrounding explosive mixtures, and generally does not cause igniting failures.

Explosion-proof special type(s): When electrical equipment or components adopt explosion-proof types not included in GB3836, the competent authority shall formulate temporary regulations. Send it to the Ministry of Labor and Personnel for the record, and after inspection by the designated appraisal unit, it shall be treated as type S for special electrical equipment.