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Explosion-proof flashlight for fire helmet

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-13 16:30:28
Explosion-proof flashlight for firefighting helmet, firefighter aids explosion-proof flashlight

Subtitle: What is an explosion-proof flashlight? What is the use of an explosion-proof flashlight? What is the role of explosion-proof flashlights in fire protection?

The following questions are included in the examination papers for the theoretical knowledge training questionnaire of the junior building (structure) firefighters. Which of the following conditions does not produce an electric spark: _______. (A) When the electrical switch is turned on or off (B) Short circuit of the circuit (c) Explosion-proof flashlight (D) Electrical equipment leakage; A very simple question, most people can answer the correct answer is to use an explosion-proof flashlight.


Although the explosion-proof flashlight is only an auxiliary tool among the firefighter's items, it is the most indispensable. When the firefighters are in the sea of fire, the strong smoke, the hot high temperature in such an environment, the general light flashlight does not work. Even if it is directly changed, it will not be touched or directly damaged. Explosion-proof flashlights can work in such an environment, because of the unique design, the explosion-proof flashlight can be used in any flammable and explosive environment without any electric spark. The more the explosion-proof flashlight is fully exposed in the harsh environment, the waterproof and sealed design of the explosion-proof flashlight, the high-hardness alloy casing, can work normally in high temperature and water. In the scene of the fire, the explosion-proof flashlight can work normally, provide lighting to our respected firefighters, and greatly facilitate the firefighters who are searching and rescued on the site where the wires are burned by the fire.

Fireproof explosion-proof flashlight switch introduction

The explosion-proof flashlight is a hand-held new lighting tool that can be used for repeated charging by using LED as a light source. It has the advantages of power saving, durability, strong brightness, etc. The explosion-proof mark is cast on the obvious position on the outer casing. At present, the explosion-proof flashlight on the market is widely used in the charging mode. The rechargeable explosion-proof flashlight is designed for energy saving and environmental protection, and is also suitable for manufacturers to consume.

Demand and a way of embodying social responsibility. The flashlight solves the trouble of replacing the battery, and it is beneficial to protect the current environmental resources that are being damaged by people themselves.

Fireproof explosion-proof flashlight accessories

Explosion-proof flashlights play a more and more role in safety. In the current society, more and more people have paid more attention and recognition. Many state-owned enterprises, enterprises with inflammable and explosive gases and fire-fighting units are using explosion-proof flashlights in national bidding. At present, explosion-proof flashlights are widely used in fire protection, electric power, industrial and mining enterprises and other flammable and easy
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