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Explosion-proof flashlight battery use precautions

Datetime: 2018-11-24 15:45:22

Explosion-proof flashlight battery use precautions

1. Do not incinerate or disassemble the battery. The chemicals in it are corrosive and can damage the skin and eyes.

2. Do not pull the lead or plug of the battery to prevent damage to the solder joints and joints.

3. Different types of batteries cannot be mixed.

4. Welding on different types of batteries requires welding with connecting pieces.

5. Fully charge with a small current before initial use.

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6, can not be connected in parallel, otherwise it will generate irregular charging current.

7. Do not reverse or short the battery.

8. After the battery is fully discharged, the charging time should be extended to reach the saturated battery.

9. Store the battery in a cool, ventilated, dry environment at a temperature not higher than 45 °C.

10. Do not store a large number of batteries in a densely charged or half full battery.

11. Do not contact acid gas to avoid approaching nearby sources of ignition.