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Explosion-proof flashlight FAQ

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-21 15:43:34
Explosion-proof flashlight FAQ
First, how to charge the explosion-proof flashlight or how to charge correctly

      At present, the rechargeable batteries used in mainstream explosion-proof flashlights are lithium batteries or lithium battery packs, and the chargers are basically equipped with charging indicators; here, we only need to follow the instructions on the instructions to charge, the simplest is According to the charger indicator, the charger indicator lights red/green to indicate that it is charging/full charge.

      Special note: very few explosion-proof flashlight manufacturers light green light indicates that charging is in progress, red light means full charge!

Second, the explosion-proof flashlight should pay attention to the first charge (most of the instructions will be)

      First of all, although most of the instructions will be written with the prompt to charge before use, but for the explosion-proof flashlight with lithium battery, there is not so much attention, we only need to charge when the flashlight is dead, fully charge the charger Yes, the regular manufacturer's products have charge and discharge protection devices, that is to say, when the explosion-proof flashlight is used until no power, it will automatically protect, like our mobile phone, can no longer turn on the light; full charge even if the charger I forgot to pull it out and there will be no problem.

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      Special note: It is a good habit to unplug the charger when fully charged. It will prolong the service life of the explosion-proof flashlight. In addition, some of the informal explosion-proof flashlights are limited by cost. If there is no charge and discharge protection device, it must be in the flashlight. Charging in time, when the battery is fully charged, unplug the charger in time to avoid self-explosion of the battery or charger.

Third, explosion-proof flashlight charging failure and solution

1, charging failure is mainly manifested in two aspects:
1), completely unable to charge: battery scrap, charger failure, circuit board failure, etc.
2), sometimes there is no charging: mainly due to poor contact, charging hole, charger plug loose, etc.

2, explosion-proof flashlight Whether it is charging failure or other faults in the use process, the user should first stop using; maintenance or charging must be carried out in a safe place, if you are not a professional
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