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Explosion-proof electric control box

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-27 17:20:33
Explosion-proof electric control box

Explosion-proof electric control box adopts automatic protective gas welding, the surface after welding is treated by special polishing process, the appearance is beautiful, the surface stainless steel is shiny and bright, and it is suitable for various strong corrosion and explosion environments.
Chinese name Explosion-proof electric control box Rated voltage 380 /220 (V) Rated current 20, 60, 100, 400 (A) Protection class IP54
table of Contents
1 Chuangan explosion-proof introduction
2 Scope of application
3 main parameters
4 Product Features
Chuangan explosion-proof introduction editor
1. The shell material can be stainless steel plates of various grades. It is welded by automatic protective gas welding. After welding, the surface is treated with special polishing process. The appearance is beautiful, the surface is stainless steel and shiny, suitable for various strong corrosion and explosion environments.
2. Built-in CN65, NC100H high-breaking miniature circuit breaker, contactor, thermal relay, button and indicator light, etc., can be used as lighting and power motor control, 3. With overload and short circuit protection;
4, module structure, various circuits can be freely assembled according to needs;
5, can be customized according to user requirements, such as the installation of electrophoresis protector, ammeter, voltmeter, etc.;
6. On-site technical service can be provided to help users select or design products according to the on-site operating environment to meet the requirements of national standards.
7, steel pipe or cable wiring, BXMD51 series explosion-proof distribution box (oilfield dedicated)
Scope editing
1. Zone 1, Zone 2 hazardous locations;
2, IIA, IIB, IIC, the temperature group is T4 explosive gas environment;
3. Suitable for flammable dust sites;
4, indoors and outdoors.
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